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First of all: this is my private homepage. I only take responsibility for my very own stuff, but anything you can find behind all the links, does not belong to my business.

This site isn't commercial or impartial. To say, what I want, is very easy:
To present my hobby "powerboats" from my point of view. But: what really are powerboats?

For me that's very simple to answer: my hobby "powerboats" describes in one word the art of driving a race with self-built-radio-controlled model-boats on a not-marked race-course with a lot of friends, no one knowing who's first or last.

Where each take-off on a wave makes your heart-beat stop an then, each touch-down on the surface of the water pumps sheer adrenaline through your veins. Where you're only one step away from a heart-attack when the motor strikes and you're gasping for air when you're boat goes for a short dive.
Or, as my wife simply says, "going boating"


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